Our Mission

Our mission is to create an international beerpong league, which connects different countries and cultures. The idea is that the champions of each bar or residence where the competition took place will play an international tournament between winners. All of this by promoting several businesses in a different
way so that the customers will always want to come back again.


We will strengthen the relationship with the client, creating an entertainment space where you can meet people and have a good time. People relate the good emotions with the place where they came from and have more chance to come back to it.

What is Beer Pong?

It is a fun game that consists of placing ping pong balls from the ends of a table
into glasses filled with a drink. A team of two people. Each team throws the balls
into the opponent’s glass. If the team lands, the opponent takes the drink from the
glass. Everyone starts and goes through the knockout stages so that finally there is only one team that wins.

Why Beer Pong?

Beerpong is a fun game in which you can interact with others and have a good time. Besides, it is very simple and creates a good atmosphere where you

What do we offer?

  • Organization and execution of the event
  • Promotion and marketing strategy
  • Get people for the event
  • Cleaning of the area used

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